Engaging Gameplay

Explore the world of Yggdrasil, protect the land from and ascend the Tree of Yggdrasil to slay the demons. With millions of combination to build a deck, every of your battle will guarantee a unique experience!


Collect loots through every floor you conquer, sell your loots in our very own Equinox Marketplace!

Equinox Token

The main currency of the game, Equinox Token is built on the Binance Smartchain network, ensuring low transaction fees and fast transaction speed! Equinox Tokens will be used to purchase goods from other players or try your luck at better gears by buying the Equinox Booster Packs!

About Equinox

Equinox is a trading card game built on the Binance Smartchain network, utilizing NFTs, each card can be bought or sold on our upcoming Equinox Marketplace, using our very own Equinox Token. Players can collect and hunt for the rarest and strongest cards the Equinox universe has to offer. With our ever expanding collection of cards available, you can be assured that you'll always have something to look forward to every update! Do you have what it takes to arrive at the top of the foodchain? Join us today in the dungeons of Equinox!


Unique Cards


Epic Bosses


Character Classes

Countdown till launch

Portal to Equinox opens in

Equinox Airdrop

Remember to access the website using TrustWallet or MetaMask DAPP Browser in order to purchase or claim Equinox!

To allow everyone to enjoy Equinox, we'll be having an airdrop until the end of presales. You may claim 50 Equinox below, this will allow you to purchase the starter NFT required to start your Equinox journey when game service launches.

*Do note that there will be a small fee claiming the airdrop in order to avoid bots claiming with multiple wallets!

Equinox Presale

Remember to access the website using TrustWallet or MetaMask DAPP Browser in order to purchase or claim Equinox!

You may participate in the presale of Equinox Token below, simply connect your wallet and enter the amount in BNB you'd like to purchase.

Presale Price: 10000 EQX per BNB
Listing Price: 5000 EQX per BNB
Minimum Purchase: 0.01 BNB


Refer your friends and earn rewards each time they claim our airdrop or participate in the presale! Get 30% of their purchase in BNB and Equinox Tokens! Enter your BSC Wallet Address below to get your referral link!